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Institute of Theoretical Physics
University of Wroclaw
pl. M. Borna 9
50-204 Wroclaw

Institute of Theoretical Physics is located in the main building of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy, on the fourth and fifth floor. There are offices of the members of the Institute and lovely lecture rooms.

The Institute is divided into the six divisions:

  • Division of Condensed Phase Theory
  • Division of Field Theory
  • Division of High Energy Physics and Elementary Particles Theory
  • Division of Mathematical Physics
  • Division of Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems
  • Division of Computer Methods in Physics

The Institute offers high-qualified scientific and teaching staff consisting of scientists. There are nine professors, ten doctors of science (including six at the post of the professor) as well as a group of adjoint professors with the Ph.D. title. The institute has also the Ph.D students.

Activities of the Institute:
  • Intensive research in many areas of basics research and mathematical physics including topics like: quantum groups, quark-gluon plasma, strings, spin models, supersymmetry, neutrino physics, dynamical semigroups, quantum computing and entanglement etc.
  • Organization of the cyclic international conferences: Karpacz Winter School on Theoretical Physics, Max Born Seminar.
  • High quality teaching in various areas: theoretical physics, mathematics, computer methods, simulation, programming languages, computer graphics etc.
  • Popularization of physics at the primary and secondary school level and for general audience. One of our members presents on a local TV channel a special programme devoted to the popularization of science.

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