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Institute of Experimental Physics
University of Wroclaw
pl. M. Borna 9
50-204 Wroclaw

Institute of Experimental Physics is located in the main building of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy, on the base and the third floor. The laboratories, offices of the members of the Institute and lecture rooms are scttered also in other parts of the building.

The Institute is divided into the eleven sections:

  • Section of Adsorption
  • Section of Applications of Nuclear Physics
  • Section of Applications of Surface Physics
  • Section of Dielectric Physics
  • Section of Electron Emission
  • Section of Electron Spectroscopy
  • Section of Field Emission Spectroscopy
  • Section of Surface Microstructure
  • Section of Surface Theory
  • Section of Thin Solid Films
  • Section of Physics Teaching
More detailed information about sections you can find here.

The Institute offers qualified scientific and teaching staff consisting of scientists. There are ?? professors, ?? doctors of science (including six at the post of the professor) as well as a group of adjoint professors with the Ph.D. title. The institute has also the Ph.D students.

Activities of the Institute:
  • experimental research in the areas reflected in the names of the sections of the Institute
  • Organization of the cyclic international conferences: International Workshop on Surface Physics, Polish Seminar on Positron Annihilation, School of Ferroelectrics Physics, Autumn School Physics Didactics Problems
  • High quality teaching in various areas: general physics, experimental, computer methods in experiment organization, programming etc.
  • construction of top quality higly specialized measuring devices and apparatus
  • Popularization of physics at the primary and secondary school level and for general audience.

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